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The Darwinism Collaborative

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We’re a group of philosophers and scientists dedicated to reflecting about the explanatory strengths and fundamental limits of Darwinism in all its shapes and forms.


Some main questions:

  • What are the core concepts of evolutionary theory?

  • How they are formalized in mathematical theories?

  • How can they be applied to other sciences (anthropology, economics, psychology) and humanities (history, linguistics)?

  • What implications do evolutionary approaches have for traditional areas of philosophy — philosophy of action, epistemology, ethics, politics? 


One reason for the urgency of these questions lies in howevolutionary theory continues to be misunderstood in the public sphere.

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  • Working paper of "The Varieties of Darwinism" now available

  • "From Evolutionary Biology to Economics and Back" (edited volume) now out with Springer (LINK

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