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 Selected Publications

Group publications

Du Crest, A., Valković, M., Ariew, A., Desmond, H., Huneman, P., Reydon, T.A.C.. Springer. (in press) Evolutionary Thinking Across Disciplines: Problems and Perspectives in Generalized Darwinism.

Desmond, H., Ariew, A., Huneman, P., Reydon, T.A.C. (in preparation) The Varieties of Darwinism: Explanation, Logic, and World-view

Selected individual publications

Ariew, A. (2022). Charles Darwin as a statistical thinker. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.

Desmond, H., Huneman, P. (2022). The integrated information theory of agency. Behavioural and Brain Sciences, 45:e45

Huneman, P. (2022). What Is It Like To Be an Environment? A Semantic and Epistemological Inquiry. Biological Theory, 17:94–112 

Reydon, T.A.C. (2022): ‘The proper role of history in evolutionary explanations’, Noûs, in press.

Charlat, S., Ariew, A., (...), Huneman, P. et al. (2021) Natural Selection beyond Life? A Workshop Report. Life 11: 1051. DOI: 10.3390/life11101051

Desmond, H. (2021) In Service to Others: A New Evolutionary Perspective on Human Enhancement. The Hastings Center Report, 51 (6): 33-43. DOI:


Reydon, T.A.C. (2021): ‘Generalized Darwinism as modest unification’, American Philosophical Quarterly 58: 79-93.

Baraghith, K. (2021): Phylogenetic Reconstruction of the Cultural Evolution of Electronic Music via Dynamic Community Detection (1975-1999), Evolution and Human Behavior 42/6, (together with M. Youngblood & P. Savage).

Desmond, H. (2021). The selectionist rationale for evolutionary progress. Biology and Philosophy. 36:32. DOI: 10.1007/s10539-021-09806-1

Baraghith, K. & Feldbacher-Escamilla, C. (2021): The Many Faces of Generalizing the Theory of Evolution, in: American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 58, Issue 1, 35-49.


Baraghith, K. (2020): Investigating Populations in Generalized Darwinism, in: Biology and Philosophy 35/19.


Baraghith, K. & Feldbacher-Escamilla, C. (2020): Cultural Inheritance in Generalized Darwinism, in: Philosophy of Science 87, 1-25.


Huneman, P. (2019). Revisiting darwinian teleology: A case for inclusive fitness as design explanation. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part 76: 101188.

Reydon, T.A.C. (2015): ‘The evolution of human nature and its implications for politics: A critique’, Journal of Bioeconomics 17: 17-36.


Reydon, T.A.C. & Scholz, M. (2015): ‘Searching for Darwinism in Generalized Darwinism’, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 66: 561-589.

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